English Business Communiciations
  • Crosscultural communications & Etiquette

  • Vocabulary & Grammar

  • Pronunciation & Diction

  • Emailing & PPTs

  • ​Media Training & Public Speaking

Even at the highest levels, non-native English speaking professionals suffer from English-language shortcomings caused by inconsistent grammar, confusion over prepositions, imprecise vocabulary, and reliance on tendencies to translate from their mother tongue rather than using correct English phrases.

Writing and Advising
Presenter & Production
  • Content Marketing

  • Website Content

  • Marketing Materials & Reports

  • Facebook Content

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • ​Branding & PR

  • Sales Staff Training

D. Laszlo Conhaim

Video show reel available upon request: inbal@conhaim.com

We've advised and written for global clients for decades. Having sold Israeli know-how in nearly two dozen global markets and with years of experience living and working in Europe and Asia, we are uniquely empowered to create go-to-market strategy, train sales staff, and cooperate with local partners to help you achieve your aims.

Besides helping Israelis perfect their communications skills in English, we connect our clients with film production artists skilled at producing compelling corporate videos. When info graphics aren't enough, we literally step in to provide the human touch in the form of on-camera presenting. We also announce and moderate live events.